The 1930’s were a decade of change and progress for the community of Canadian and Canadian Independent School District .  The new B. M. Baker School, located  between Cheyenne and Hillside streets, replaced the old mainstreet Mary B. Isaac School.  The new building originally housed grades 1-8. Its doors faced the western horizon, welcoming many children who would become Canadian's leading citizens.

Old Baker Porch

Thourgh the  1970's and  1980's production in the oil and gas fields resulted in a boom in the population of the community. In 1975, Canadian opened the football season in a natural bowl stadium.  The following year a new high school was built on the site of the old football  where the present high school became the home of the Wildcats.  The former high school was renovated, becoming the Canadian Middle School housing grades 6-8.  

With an increased elementary school enrollment it became evident that more classrooms were needed.  In 1984 Canadian Elementary School became part of the plant facilities, moving grades K-3 into the new school.   Baker School would house grades 4 & 5.  Eventually grade 6 would return to Baker for a few years.  Another populations shift and the addition of Early Childhood and Pre-K classes would result in another change for the campuses.  Today, Canadian Elementary houses grades EE through 2nd grade while Baker School is home to 3rd  through 5th grades.  Sixth grade joined the 7th and 8th grades at Middle School.